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The leather of your car
has a soul… yours!

The miles you have driven, comfortably seated in the leather seats of your car, have left you with precious memories. Over the years, you have met many people, experienced strong emotions and enjoyed unforgettable landscapes. During these journeys, the leather was given patina, softness and shine. To preserve the memory of these unforgettable moments, MILEAGE gives a new life to car leathers through precious pieces of leatherwork, tailored to your image and on demand…
“Bag to the future”
The 48h MILE 01 bag was made from the leather upholstery of a 1979 Cx Pallas. The singular pattern of this prestigious model inspired us to create three unique creations: a 48-hour bag, a briefcase and a lady’s bag…
This sublime and very practical MILE 02 pouch was designed for the owner of an Alfa Romeo, which upholstery needed to be redone…
The 48h MILE 03 bag was made from one of the finest leathers from a 1972 Alfa Romeo Gulietta. To achieve this feat, our craftsmen had to carry out a goldsmith’s work and restore the suppleness of the leather…

Once upon a time, there was your bag…

You wish to renew the upholstery of your car? Mileage is at your entire disposal to advise you, answer your questions and accompany assist you in all stages of your project.

Mileage: a tailor-made design

Project drafting
Depending on the condition of your upholstery and the object you wish to obtain, we study its feasibility.
Depending on your request and the nature of the project, we establish an estimate.
The project
After acceptance of the project, we submit the drawings to you in accordance with your specifications.
Our craftsmen begin the fulfilment of your project. You may follow its progress at key moments.
This is the moment we appreciate the most. Your upholstery has become an object of desire. We are happy to hand it over to you.

Your car leather has a future now more than ever…

Your upholstery is more precious than you can imagine.

It has travelled thousands of miles, has gained patina from countless journeys, has been adorned by endless discussions, sleeps soothed by the purring of the cylinders, by laughter, tears and songs sung by all its occupants.
MILEAGE imagines and creates the leather goods of your dreams in the skin of your upholstery.

Our news and our customers in the spotlight

As a child, he enjoyed sitting in it, feeling like a ‘president’ in the vast and luxurious rear space. The trips on board were an opportunity to dream, like a moment out of time, they were the delight of his childhood…
This Alfa Romeo is not only a car for Pascale but much more than that. While driving it, all destinations became life adventures, moments of freedom, but it was also a daily ally…
Mileage was born from the love of the material, from the desire of objects carrying stories, from the attachment to the French art craftmanship but also from strong passion for the automobile…

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