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Long live your memories

MILEAGE gives new life to beautifully crafted leathers from vehicles whose upholstery is to be renovated, transforming them into unique and timeless pieces. MILEAGE also offers a selection of carefully preserved antique and rare leathers from prestigious or vintage cars. According to your wishes and desires, we study together the possibilities of creating an article of leather goods that resembles you.

MILE 01 / Citroën Cx Prestige

MILE 02 / Alfa Romeo

MILE 03 / Alfa Romeo

MILE 04 / Peugeot 604

Mileage: a tailor-made design

Project drafting
Depending on the condition of your upholstery and the object you wish to obtain, we study its feasibility.
Depending on your request and the nature of the project, we establish an estimate.
The project
After acceptance of the project, we submit the drawings to you in accordance with your specifications.
Our craftsmen begin the fulfilment of your project. You may follow its progress at key moments.
This is the moment we appreciate the most. Your upholstery has become an object of desire. We are happy to hand it over to you.

the best craftsmen

To ensure that your creation lives up to your expectations, MILEAGE surrounds itself with exceptional craftsmen capable of creating the object that we have imagined together. From design to manufacture, from the choice of colours to the selection of materials, MILEAGE offers you a unique experience thanks to a strong and ambitious brand concept.
Made in… France
MILEAGE creations are entirely thought out, designed and conceived in France. The insurance of impeccable manufacturing.
The spirit of tailor-made
Design of the model made on demand.
Highlighting of the pattern and embossing of the leather of your upholstery.
Exclusive use of leather from the automotive world.
Each model is unique. It looks like you!