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The meeting of two automobile enthusiasts

Mileage is the result of a meeting. That of two men who for years have shared, beyond their friendship, a common passion for Automobile and Design. From their love of the material was born their desire to create unique objects thanks to unique patinas. Each car contains precious memories… and the leather witnessing it can be recycled into timeless objects of desire.

Imagine the object of your dreams

Each creation is the continuation of a story that started many years and thousands miles before. It was made from the most precious thing: moments in life.
We offer a range of leather goods with a soul and patina that are unique in the world: 
– Travel bags
– Handbags
– Wallets
– Keychains  
– Tool bags
– Glasses cases
– Card holders
– Watch straps
– Phone cases
– Desk Mats
– Belts
…and any other item of your choice

Subject to prior study of your project

Handcrafted by the best French tanners

The leathers, most often from prestigious and vintage cars, are carefully selected and sorted. The shape and aesthetics of the upholstery inspire our creations. For instance, each piece of fabric used for the interior of the bags is carefully chosen to match the colour and patina of the leather. All the accessories (buckles, bag feet, snap hooks, etc.) are handmade by French craftsmen.

Its history began long before you bought it…

The label that makes the difference
Small marks or veins, variations in colour, possible small scratches, are not considered as imperfections, but as natural elements that give it this inimitable and unique patina.
Goldsmith’s work
MILEAGE creations are the result of long and meticulous craftsmanship.
All the manufacturing steps required for your project are carried out by highly qualified and experienced craftsmen.
This bag was made with your most precious possession
Your story!

This bag was made
from what you hold
most precious :
your life story

We will be pleased to answer all of your questions

Please contact us regarding your project. Our team will gladly answer you as soon as possible.