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Automotive leathers have a future more than ever

Mileage was born from the love of the material, from the desire of objects carrying stories, from the attachment to the French art craftmanship but also from strong passion for the automobile.

We are happy and proud to announce the birth of Mileage, a French leather goods brand entirely made from ancient automobile leathers. Noble material if any, leather does not age. It patinates to become unique and to be the witness of history. Close your eyes and call up appeal to your memories of car journeys… You will certainly remember the smell of a cabin, the softness of leather, a colour or a seat pattern that you will never forget…

Thanks to Mileage, it is now possible to create tailor made leather goods using these leathers, which age and miles travelled have made so beautiful and unique. Whether you are restoring your car and specifically its upholstery or you do not have any leather but wish to have a unique and tailored creation, Mileage accompanies you in the conception and realization of exclusive leather goods.

Give free rein to your desires: from the study of the project to the realization, Mileage accompanies you so that the experience is unique… like you.
We will be delighted to present you with our creations and to imagine the next ones with you.
“Bag to the future”