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Fabrice Juan, Artistic Director of MILEAGE

MILEAGE is pleased to welcome Fabrice Juan as Artistic Director.

Interior designer and decorator for many years, Fabrice Juan is an ardent defender of the French art of living. He designs exceptional appartments and works with renowned craftsmen to create unique rooms. His taste for aesthetics, proportions and shapes, as well as his love of materials are all qualities necessaries to bring your future MILEAGE creation to life.

“It is an honour for me to accept the position of Artistic Director of MILEAGE. The passion for leather and the automobile is combined in a unique upcycling concept that is very close to my heart. Being particularly sensitive to environmental issues, the idea of giving new life to materials honoured by time is a modern vision of nowadays luxury. I feel warmth, generosity and the desire to create exceptional pieces that will undoubtedly be passed on from generation to generation. Thank you MILEAGE for thinking of me to take up this challenge.