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Already 20 years of stories and many more to come

This Alfa Romeo is not only a car for Pascale but much more than that.

While driving it, all destinations became life adventures, moments of freedom, but it was also a daily ally…
Acquired new, it was quite simply her first car, the very first belonging to her and which would never be anyone else’s. She had saved up to buy the car of her dreams, the one that would accompany her in her daily life for many years. Thousands of miles later, she could not convince herself to give it up without preserving a vivid memory of the hours she spent in it. If time and wear have taken their toll on the mechanics, she was able to have the souvenir she dreamed of thanks to Mileage. She will keep it for the rest of her life as a memory of the fantastic adventures she lived on board of her car. She was thus able to extend the memory of these moments of which leathers and their patina can testify.