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The neo-retro presidential bag

Frédéric remembers his uncle talking about his Citroën Cx Prestige with many superlatives.
As a child, he enjoyed sitting in it, feeling like a ‘president’ in the vast and luxurious rear space. The trips on board were an opportunity to dream, like a moment out of time, they were the delight of his childhood*. These moments are forever engraved in his memory.
Thirty years later, when his uncle gave him his car, he became the custodian of a whole page of his life. The work of time and the kilometres* travelled had made it necessary to restore the car, but Frédéric wanted to keep a souvenir of what made its soul : its brown leather upholstery.
He entrusted Mileage with the creation of three entirely custom-made luggage crafted from the best-preserved elements. The rest you know, a line of luggage unique in the world forever extends the soul of this car, a true family icon. This line of luxury leather goods perpetuates the memory of extraordinary moments of life to which the leather testifies through its patina.
We warmly thank the Fiminco Foundation